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Description: Desiree Ellis watches as Autumn Raby performs a sexy muscle girl pole dance, before stripping her panties off her powerful body. Both girls get to turned on by this sexy muscle pole dance, that they can't help but start to touch each other's bulging arms, sexy abs, and rippling legs before rubbing and sucking each others pussy as Autumn and Desiree build up to a twin ground-shaking muscle babe orgasm!
Views: (9530)
Duration: (8:01)      Uploaded: 06/21/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Autumn Raby - Desiree Ellis
Black Label Vol. 2 - Sng Sc 6 - Autumn Raby and Desiree Ellis
Description: "If you are looking for a little abdominal workout motivation I have it for you! I'm going to sit on your face and make you give me more!", says muscle diva Denise to her workout partner. Big-clit beauties Denise Masino and Kim Birtch team up to train abdominals but their beautiful hardbodies and sloppy wet pussies stand in the way of a productive workout. These two Muscle Divas get down and dirty with each other! They call this workout "Sexercise" for a good reason : you'll get pumped just watching these two.
Views: (1945)
Duration: (10:55)      Uploaded: 02/01/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Denise Masino - Kim Birtch
Sexercise - Girl Girl Nude Workout - Denise Masino and Kim Birtch
Description: Denise Masino and Gayle Moher are at it once again as these two beautiful muscle divas take turns getting each other off with fingers, tongues and giant dildos that get shoved inside their open pussies. These two muscle beauties have never looked so good together.
Views: (4736)
Duration: (16:34)      Uploaded: 06/08/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Denise Masino Productions
Actors: Denise Masino - Gayle Moher
Denise On Demand: Cyberotica - Scene 7 - Denise Masino & Gayle Moher
Description: Mix Denise Masino and Autumn Raby with hot water, hot wax and rubber toys and what you get is a hot tub scene you will not soon forget. These ladies like hot-tub fucking. Watch how they bury these giant wet toys deep inside their pussies. We call it good clean fun! Tight camera angles bring you into the action.
Views: (5554)
Duration: (7:25)      Uploaded: 06/07/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Autumn Raby - Denise Masino
Black Label Vol. 3 - Scene 3 - Denise Masino and Autumn Raby in Tub
Description: Beautiful Denise Masino pairs up with muscle diva Roxie Rain as two of the hottest, horniest Ray Gun GRRRLZ in this futuristic sci-fi spoof of lesbian lust. Packed with enough hard muscle and swollen clits to make your mouth water - even in the heat of the Nevada desert. Peace eventually takes over and the two enemies realize eating pussy is better than fighting.
Views: (6418)
Duration: (9:34)      Uploaded: 05/23/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino - Roxie Rain
Hard Candy - Sn 6 - Lesbian Ray Gun Grrrlz - Roxie Rain and Denise Masino
Description: During one of her live cam shows, Muscle diva Denise Masino introduces her girlfriend Kim Stahl to her horny cyber fans. You fans of hardcore female muscle are gonna love this one - two beautiful muscular babes who love to eat pussy. It's really that simple! Incredible tight camera shots bring you right into the action. Kim is a Muscle PinUps' exclusive model.
Views: (6342)
Duration: (17:37)      Uploaded: 05/22/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Denise Masino Productions
Actors: Denise Masino - Kim Stahl
Denise On Demand: Cyberotica - Sn 4 - Denise Masino and Kim Stahl in Bed
Description: Denise loves to play with her powerful Clit Pump and she unleashes the device on Elisa too! Both girls get a huge pump on their already big clits! It makes for the perfect opportunity to lick and suck each other's swollen clit. They each receive a massive orgasm from one another. Fans of real girl/girl oral sex will fall in love with this scene.
Views: (6661)
Duration: (6:07)      Uploaded: 05/20/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Denise Masino - Elisa Ann
Clit Pump Part 2 - Denise And Elisa
Description: Denise Masino, Lynn McCrossin, and Melissa Dettwiller model fine lace bras and panties for each other. It doesn't take long, though, before all three girls start feeling each other's bulging biceps, ripped abs, and tight legs. All three begin masturbating, and licking each other's big clit. It ends in an All-Girl Muscle Orgy with Lynn and Melissa finger-fucking Denise until she explodes in an earth-shattering orgasm.
Views: (7336)
Duration: (12:45)      Uploaded: 05/14/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino - Lynn McCrossin - Melissa Dettwiller
Bad Girls Of Bodybuilding 1 - Single Sc 1 - Denise Masino, Lynn McCrossin, Melissa Dettwiller Big Clit Muscle Worship 3 Way
Description: Delicious hardbody Nikki Jackson decides she needs some "alone" time with Muscle Diva Denise Masino so they take a warm sensual bath together. Nikki can't wait to suck on Denise's big fat clit and Denise fucks Nikki into a squirting, earth-shattering orgasm with her big glass toy. This is a non-stop kinky display of two women really into each others pussy!
Views: (6206)
Duration: (10:06)      Uploaded: 05/03/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino - Nikki Jackson
Kinky Clits 2 - Scene 7 - Denise Masino & Nikki Jackson Squirting
Description: Kim Stahl and Rhonda Lee begin with dumbells training their hard chest muscles and end up on their backs fucking and sucking each other on the gym floor, now that’s what we call a full body workout! These girls love to suck on hard wet clits, and there's plenty to go around in this scene of girl/girl sex.
Views: (5217)
Duration: (10:42)      Uploaded: 04/20/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Kim Stahl - Rhonda Lee
Horny Muscle Girls 1 - Sc 5 - Kim Stahl and Rhonda Lee
Description: Muscle Diva Denise Masino is showering next to her sexy blonde girlfriend Melissa Dettwiller who's soaking in a hot bath. They both get an uncontrollable urge to suck on each others big juicy clit. Things get really hot when Denise brings out an ultra-fat red dildo that she fucks herself into an earth-shattering orgasm. Fans of big clits and plump pussies will "eat" this one up!
Views: (4577)
Duration: (15:24)      Uploaded: 04/19/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino - Melissa Dettwiller
Horny Muscle Girls 2 - Sc 1 Giant Clit Sucking Melissa Dettwiller, Denise Masino
Description: Denise and Rhonda Lee are two Horny Muscle Girls who like to get dirty in the shower. Watch muscle dominatrix Denise punish Rhonda Lee’s pussy with a large purple dildo but NOT grant her permission to cum. Rhonda Lee is worked into a frenzy until she's granted the ultimate gift. She is brought to a shuddering orgasm that has to be seen to be believed.
Views: (6004)
Duration: (8:19)      Uploaded: 04/18/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino - Rhonda Lee
Horny Muscle Girls 1 - Sc 2 - Rhonda Lee and Denise Masino
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