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Description: Direct from Argentina, she's beautiful I.F.B.B. Pro Alicia Alfaro in a solo scene that'll keep you coming back for more. She starts out with some sexy posing and flexing and then removes her clothes and reaches for her favorite glass cock which she is happy to show you how much she loves to fuck herself into a frenzy. This is the real thing!
Views: (7026)
Duration: (11:18)      Uploaded: 06/21/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Alicia Alfaro
Super Hot Muscle Latina Workout and Giant Clit Fucking Toy - Alicia Alfaro
Description: "If you are looking for a little abdominal workout motivation I have it for you! I'm going to sit on your face and make you give me more!", says muscle diva Denise to her workout partner. Big-clit beauties Denise Masino and Kim Birtch team up to train abdominals but their beautiful hardbodies and sloppy wet pussies stand in the way of a productive workout. These two Muscle Divas get down and dirty with each other! They call this workout "Sexercise" for a good reason : you'll get pumped just watching these two.
Views: (1944)
Duration: (10:55)      Uploaded: 02/01/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Denise Masino - Kim Birtch
Sexercise - Girl Girl Nude Workout - Denise Masino and Kim Birtch
Description: After a hard workout female bodybuilder Alicia Alfaro decides to play with her sexy pumped pecs and ends up drenching her white shorts with water so that you can see her gorgeous clit before she masturbates. Wow, this is gorgeous fem power!
Views: (7982)
Duration: (6:56)      Uploaded: 11/05/14 
Rating: XX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Alicia Alfaro
Alicia Alfaro Giant Clit Exposed Masturbation
Description: This scene is a voyeur's delight, it's after hours and Beautiful Denise Masino is in the gym alone stretching and training her amazingly ripped hamstrings - in the nude! "I love the feel of my legs rubbing against my big clit. It gets me so hot!," she says. Seeing Denise's shredded legs and swollen pussy is MUST-SEE viewing!
Views: (3311)
Duration: (9:13)      Uploaded: 10/06/14 
Rating: X      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Xtreme Workout Divas - Sc 6 - Denise Masino
Description: In this hard-core training scene, Beautiful Denise Masino is "Armed and Dangerous" her "guns are pumped, locked and loaded!" In shredded condition, she trains herself through an amazing arm and shoulder workout and then notices her sopping-wet pussy is crying out for attention. She's quick to the rescue as she plays with her famous big clit just for you!
Views: (3616)
Duration: (8:04)      Uploaded: 10/05/14 
Rating: X      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Xtreme Workout Divas - Sc 1 - Denise Masino Big Clit, Big Bicep Workout
Description: Alicia removes her leather fetish top from her tight muscular torso, and poses for you completely nude! She stretches her stockings over her muscular legs, and once removed, uses them to flex. Next she fingers her big, juicy clit and brings herself to a powerful muscle girl orgasm! Alicia is new to the Female Muscle Porn industry, but she has already developed a legion of loyal fans. HD, XXX
Views: (12609)
Duration: (5:48)      Uploaded: 05/06/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Alicia Alfaro
Alicia Alfaro Lucky Stiff Part 2
Description: Kim Stahl and Rhonda Lee begin with dumbells training their hard chest muscles and end up on their backs fucking and sucking each other on the gym floor, now that’s what we call a full body workout! These girls love to suck on hard wet clits, and there's plenty to go around in this scene of girl/girl sex.
Views: (5216)
Duration: (10:42)      Uploaded: 04/20/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Kim Stahl - Rhonda Lee
Horny Muscle Girls 1 - Sc 5 - Kim Stahl and Rhonda Lee
Description: Denise Masino is bigger than real life, and she loves to drive that point home. Here, the beautiful bodybuilding bombshell does this by towering over a tiny Ken Figure Doll. She strips in front of "Him" and then uses helpless Ken to rub over her famous big-swollen clit, bringing her to a giant muscle girl orgasm! Low camera angles and tight POV highlight this scene of Female Muscle Domination.
Views: (12386)
Duration: (12:20)      Uploaded: 04/11/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Denise Masino Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Amazon Crush - Denise Masino and Her Ken Doll
Description: If it’s strong women that turn you on, then feast your eyes on beautiful blonde bodybuilder Lynn McCrossin as she trains her amazing biceps then spreads her big muscular legs for you on a metal swing exposing her beautiful aroused clit. This Muscle Diva is stacked in more ways than one - her amazing 38DD's are sizzling hot. This is must-see viewing for Lynn McCrossin fans.
Views: (2251)
Duration: (8:00)      Uploaded: 01/29/14 
Rating: R      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Lynn McCrossin
Gym Heat 3 - Sc 2 - Naked Lynn McCrossin Pumping
Description: Ebony muscle goddess Desiree Ellis works out her award-winning, vein bulging biceps and shows off her broad back in some very hot naked posing. Then having worked up a hot sweat, she lies back on her exercise bench and plays with her big swollen pussy and oh-so-sweet chocolate-colored clit. Desiree has never looked better on film.
Views: (2155)
Duration: (9:04)      Uploaded: 01/28/14 
Rating: X      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Desiree Ellis
Gym Heat 3 - Sc 3 - Mind Blowin Nude Black Muscle, Big Black Clit - Desiree Ellis
Description: A hard shoulder workout gets Carli going every time. And, hard muscles, and bulging veins are designed to get YOU turned on every time. Watch as a muscle-busting tidal wave of steaming hot sweat soaks her beautiful naked body.
Views: (2314)
Duration: (10:38)      Uploaded: 01/17/14 
Rating: X      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Carli
Gym Heat 2 - Sc 7 - Nude Workout With Carli
Description: Rhonda is caught in an intense chest workout with a pair of dumbbells. Tight camera shots of her rubbing and teasing her swollen clit and wet pussy highlight this training sequence. Watch as Rhonda drives you crazy squirming and sliding around on the flat bench You'll wish you were the exercise bench after watching this scene. This one is sizzling-hot!
Views: (2280)
Duration: (9:17)      Uploaded: 01/16/14 
Rating: X      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Rhonda Lee
Gym Heat 2 - Sc 3 - Rhonda Lee Working Her Giant Nipples
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