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Description: She makes "regular" Barbie look tiny! Sultry and sexy, this blonde bombshell knows how to handle all those snivelling, weak, little men that beg her for attention. She's going to talk dirty to you, show off her big, bouncing tits, and then let you see what a perfect pussy looks like.
Views: (6607)
Duration: (10:18)      Uploaded: 02/17/15 
Rating: XX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Megan Avalon
Worship the Muscle Barbie - Megan Avalon
Description: Elisa uses a water hose to cool off as she flexes her big biceps and wets her self down. A wet wife beater with bouncing pec dancing makes this muscle girl horny. Add the water hose to her hot clit and shes dripping water and cum.
Views: (4162)
Duration: (5:07)      Uploaded: 05/10/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Elisa Ann
Elisa Ann Wet T Shirt Pec Dancing Orgasm
Description: Alicia removes her leather fetish top from her tight muscular torso, and poses for you completely nude! She stretches her stockings over her muscular legs, and once removed, uses them to flex. Next she fingers her big, juicy clit and brings herself to a powerful muscle girl orgasm! Alicia is new to the Female Muscle Porn industry, but she has already developed a legion of loyal fans. HD, XXX
Views: (12523)
Duration: (5:48)      Uploaded: 05/06/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Alicia Alfaro
Alicia Alfaro Lucky Stiff Part 2
Description: Delicious hardbody Nikki Jackson decides she needs some "alone" time with Muscle Diva Denise Masino so they take a warm sensual bath together. Nikki can't wait to suck on Denise's big fat clit and Denise fucks Nikki into a squirting, earth-shattering orgasm with her big glass toy. This is a non-stop kinky display of two women really into each others pussy!
Views: (6162)
Duration: (10:06)      Uploaded: 05/03/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino - Nikki Jackson
Kinky Clits 2 - Scene 7 - Denise Masino & Nikki Jackson Squirting
Description: Denise Masino is bigger than real life, and she loves to drive that point home. Here, the beautiful bodybuilding bombshell does this by towering over a tiny Ken Figure Doll. She strips in front of "Him" and then uses helpless Ken to rub over her famous big-swollen clit, bringing her to a giant muscle girl orgasm! Low camera angles and tight POV highlight this scene of Female Muscle Domination.
Views: (12335)
Duration: (12:20)      Uploaded: 04/11/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Denise Masino Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Amazon Crush - Denise Masino and Her Ken Doll
Description: Get all wet with beautiful blonde hardbody Karen Konyha in a rare all-nude performance as she invites you to watch her shower and shave. Following a mid-day nap, Fitness Pro Karen Konyha decides it's time for a shower and quick shave of her beautiful pussy. Karen's magnificent round ass is worth a view, not to mention her hard nipples!
Views: (2365)
Duration: (12:15)      Uploaded: 03/05/14 
Rating: X      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Karen Konyha
Fantasies - Sc 2 - Shower and Shave - Karen Konyha
Description: Beautiful figure hardbody Nathalia Pavlova has a knockout of a body, and she's glad to show you every curvy inch of it. Watch as she humps a cold barbell with her sexy pierced clit until she's so turned on that she lays back, spreads her beautiful legs wide open and rubs her big clit. This is rare footage of this eastern European beauty.
Views: (2750)
Duration: (7:06)      Uploaded: 02/26/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Nathalia Pavlova
Nathalia Pavlova Works Out All Nude With Pierced Clit
Description: Three beautiful fit babes : I.F.B.B. Pros Denise Masino and Christi Wolf and I.F.B.B. Fitness Pro Mandy Blank pose and strut their naked stuff for you on one of the most beautiful beach shoots ever filmed. Think sand surf and driftwood with three gorgeous hardbodies dripping wet without their suits.
Views: (3120)
Duration: (11:38)      Uploaded: 12/31/13 
Rating: R      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Christi Wolf - Denise Masino - Mandy Blank
Dripping Wet - Natural Wonders with Mandy Blank, Christi Wolf and Denise Masino
Description: Dressed in military gear from head to toes our three beautiful babes, Denise Masino, Christi Wolf, and Mandy Blank demonstrate their athleticism and beauty with guns knives and machetes. One look at these soldiers and you'll want to bring back the draft! This is fun-filled scene that's meant to fulfill your military fantasy. Especially when the uniforms come off!
Views: (2115)
Duration: (5:25)      Uploaded: 12/29/13 
Rating: R      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Christi Wolf - Denise Masino - Mandy Blank
Dripping Wet - Three The Hard Way with Mandy Blank, Christi Wolf and Denise Masino
Description: Beautiful Hunter Morgan is new to the world of muscle erotica, but she likes to get down and dirty - so she's inviting you to shower with her. Watch as she uses the hand-held water massage to gently bath and caress her beautiful pussy. She's all wet - and she'll get you all hot!
Views: (2540)
Duration: (4:21)      Uploaded: 12/23/13 
Rating: X      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Hunter Morgan
Dirty Wet Muscle - Hunter Morgan
Description: Blonde bombshell fitness model Leigh Anna Ross poses for her centerfold in a hotel penthouse suite on the Las Vegas strip. She works a old-fashioned burlesque routine into her shoot that will leave you begging for more. Leigh Anna Ross is one of the most beautiful fitness models to ever strike a pose.
Views: (2950)
Duration: (8:19)      Uploaded: 12/19/13 
Rating: R      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Leigh Anna Ross
Desert Foxes - Scn 4 - Leigh Anna Ross Nude Fitness Model
Description: Elisa Ann Costa covers her naked muscles in lots of oil while shes flexing and pumping her biceps and bouncing her pecs. Massaging Female Bodybuilders is different and it will make you horny. Elisa gets turned on by her own harness and plays with her oiled up pussy. Its a hot, slippery female muscle orgasm.
Views: (3573)
Duration: (10:44)      Uploaded: 12/10/13 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Elisa Ann
Elisa Ann Naked Female Muscle Oiled Up
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