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Description: Meet IFBB physique competitor Suzy Kellner. This Hungarian born physique star is an International World Champion. Sexy in Peach, bulging out of her tiny pink panties, flexing and making hard muscle look so good you will want to scream! There's a reason why she's won the title of sexiest hardbody of the year!
Views: (7932)
Duration: (9:17)      Uploaded: 06/21/15 
Rating: X      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Suzy Kellner
Hot Muscle Dancer With Bulging Panties - Suzy Kellner
Description: Direct from Argentina, she's beautiful I.F.B.B. Pro Alicia Alfaro in a solo scene that'll keep you coming back for more. She starts out with some sexy posing and flexing and then removes her clothes and reaches for her favorite glass cock which she is happy to show you how much she loves to fuck herself into a frenzy. This is the real thing!
Views: (7026)
Duration: (11:18)      Uploaded: 06/21/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Alicia Alfaro
Super Hot Muscle Latina Workout and Giant Clit Fucking Toy - Alicia Alfaro
Description: Desiree Ellis watches as Autumn Raby performs a sexy muscle girl pole dance, before stripping her panties off her powerful body. Both girls get to turned on by this sexy muscle pole dance, that they can't help but start to touch each other's bulging arms, sexy abs, and rippling legs before rubbing and sucking each others pussy as Autumn and Desiree build up to a twin ground-shaking muscle babe orgasm!
Views: (9527)
Duration: (8:01)      Uploaded: 06/21/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Autumn Raby - Desiree Ellis
Black Label Vol. 2 - Sng Sc 6 - Autumn Raby and Desiree Ellis
Description: Sixty-five-year-old fitness phenom Evie LaRosa is out at sunrise in a beautiful desert canyon and she decides to self-pleasure herself with her fingers. Evie knows you're watching so she puts on a seductive face and spreads her muscular legs exposing her swollen clit and big wet pussy lips. Masturbating in the warm desert sun at sunrise is all a woman needs to make her day special!
Views: (7532)
Duration: (5:31)      Uploaded: 02/13/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Evie LaRosa
Morning Masturbation - Evie LaRosa
Description: Modern-Day Amazon bodybuilder Anne Marie Via is big all over! She possesses big round muscles, ripped abs, and giant calves. But Anne Marie's greatest asset lies between her muscular legs. Anne Marie has a giant clit that has two piercings and she is more than happy to play with it for you. Lovers of big clits and big juicy pussy lips will devour this exclusive video.
Views: (9625)
Duration: (11:09)      Uploaded: 02/13/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Anne Marie Via
Big Clit Tease Anne Marie Via
Description: You've never seen abdominals like this in your life! I.F.B.B. Pro Roxanne Edwards works her world-class abs for you in an all-nude session of flexing and posing. Watch as she lies on a bed and seductively flexes and poses her ripped body just for you. Roxanne is making her Muscle PinUps debut. Did we mention she wears sexy clit piercing as well!
Views: (9627)
Duration: (7:22)      Uploaded: 02/12/15 
Rating: X      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Roxanne Edwards
Naked Abdominals Roxanne Edwards
Description: I.F.B.B. Pro Roxanne Edwards has just competed and she is posing in her hotel living room and she is shredded all over. This sexy new I.F.B.B. Pro is making her Muscle PinUps debut and she poses and flexes her world-class abs just for you, while she is naked! She's a natural tease as she flexes through her posing routine all-nude!
Views: (4570)
Duration: (7:02)      Uploaded: 02/11/15 
Rating: X      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Roxanne Edwards
Nude Ripped Posing Roxanne Edwards
Description: Clit Queen Denise Masino buries eighteen-inches of glass cock deep deep inside her swollen pussy just for you. "When I pack in 18" of glass-cock, I know you're imagining the warm, wet sensation of my meaty tissues sliming up & down the shaft of your rigid cock, milking your juices with every stroke," says a horny Denise as she explodes with girl-cum over her glass toy. Not to be missed!
Views: (3477)
Duration: (13:21)      Uploaded: 02/10/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Denise Masino Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Eighteen-Inches of Deep Penetration - Denise Masino
Description: "Here comes Santa and I know I'm on his Naughty list, so let's celebrate that together!" Denise enjoys a tropical Xmas with a glass dildo shaped like the sweetest candy cane. It's a creamy finish and a Happy Holiday.
Views: (3366)
Duration: (8:27)      Uploaded: 02/02/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Denise Masino Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
XXX Candy Cane Fuck Toy - Denise Masino
Description: Muscle Domme Denise Masino teases you with her sexy nude body and her kinky clit while she talks dirty to you during her office move. You get on your knees and get so close to her swollen pussy that you can smell her dripping juices. This big-clit muscle babe teases you and your cock with everything she's got down to her beautiful feet!
Views: (2158)
Duration: (11:52)      Uploaded: 02/02/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Denise Masino Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Bossy Pants Come Off - Xposes Biggest Clit Ever - Denise
Description: Kim has beautiful blue eyes and rock hard muscles. But we especially love her huge round biceps and her big swollen clit - and the cherry on top is her awesome smile! Watch Kim flex, then play with her swollen clit to bring herself to orgasm!
Views: (2273)
Duration: (5:57)      Uploaded: 02/01/15 
Rating: X      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Kim Birtch
Killer Big Clit, Blue Eyes, and Big Arms - Kim Birtch
Description: The Nevada mountains were the perfect backdrop for our first shoot with Jess. She a nature girl who is most comfortable in her denim and cowboy hat. Sexy, fit, strong and playful. All the things we love in our muscle women. For your eyes only she strips down to a pair of tiny lace panties and rocks your world with her incredible big hard naked muscle. Amazing pec dancing!
Views: (2097)
Duration: (7:28)      Uploaded: 02/01/15 
Rating: X      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Jess Williams
Mountain Muscle Girl Poses Topless - Jess Williams
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