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Description: A ripped Denise Masino poses and flexes all-nude on a deserted island getaway. Her erect nipples and huge clit have to be seen to be believed! She looks so gorgeous in the dappled lighting as she plays and teases you. Denise Masino is legendary in erotic muscle art - see why.
Views: (60)
Duration: (3:39)      Uploaded: 01/25/15 
Rating: X      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Island Heat - Denise Masino Poses Nude in the Bahamas
Description: Beautiful Muscle Diva Denise Masino is lying on a stairway wearing her strap-on cock waiting for her beautiful girlfriend Nadia. They waste little time getting to the hot girl/girl fucking action as Denise pounds Nadia's beautiful pussy from the rear. Great camera angles and tight close-ups pull you into all of the hot action.
Views: (1419)
Duration: (5:53)      Uploaded: 01/24/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino - Nadia Nardi
Horny Muscle Girls 2 - Sc 3 - Nadia Nardi and Denise Masino Muscle Strap-On
Description: Beautiful Canadian Muscle Diva Tatiana Anderson is taking a sponge bath and is turning herself on. She begins to rub and touch her excited clit and then brings out a fat pink rubber cock. She wastes little time sliding the entire dildo into her now swollen pussy. She works her toy to a rapid pace as she erupts into a mind-blowing orgasm.
Views: (1214)
Duration: (3:42)      Uploaded: 01/23/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Tatiana Anderson
Horny Muscle Girls 2 - Scene 7 - Tatiana Anderson Sponge Bath and Big Dildo
Description: "The bigger the clit, the better," says muscular blonde bombshell Melissa Dettwiller during her Interview. She works herself up to a boiling point where only a big fat purple dildo can satisfy her. Watch as she erupts into an earth-shattering orgasm. Tight camera angles bring you into all the action of this over-the-top scene. Lovers of clit piercings will also have a field day with this one.
Views: (1982)
Duration: (9:13)      Uploaded: 01/22/15 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Kinky Clits 2 - Sc 3 - Melissa Dettwiller Big Clit Huge Dildo
Description: After a hard workout female bodybuilder Alicia Alfaro decides to play with her sexy pumped pecs and ends up drenching her white shorts with water so that you can see her gorgeous clit before she masturbates. Wow, this is gorgeous fem power!
Views: (3900)
Duration: (6:56)      Uploaded: 11/05/14 
Rating: XX      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Alicia Alfaro
Alicia Alfaro Giant Clit Exposed Masturbation
Description: Milinda Richardson poses for you in a sexy blue bra that shows off her pec dancing muscles! Soon, she takes off the bra to expose her perfect, muscular body. Milinda is a tall Amazon Muscle Babe with plenty of attitude, and she poses all nude just for you!
Views: (3333)
Duration: (7:44)      Uploaded: 11/05/14 
Rating: X      Quality: HD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Milinda Richardson
Baby Blue Bad Ass - Milinda Richardson
Description: Angela Salvagno does it again. Muscle Goddess in a sexy dress flexing to your cocks content before she takes her clothes off and pec dances and flexes in the nude. Teasing you turns her on and to make you blow your load she fucks a big black dildo until its covered in her cream.
Views: (3907)
Duration: (6:51)      Uploaded: 10/11/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Pinups
Actors: Angela Salvagno
Angela Salvagno Cock Stuffer Video
Description: Wow, talk about hot muscle chicks with big clits, not only does Melody Spetko love to wear fetish clothes, this super hot Dominatrix spreads her lucsious pussy-lips wide open to pleasure herself with a glass dildo bringing her big clit to orgasm. Melody IS the real deal!
Views: (2601)
Duration: (9:58)      Uploaded: 10/11/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Melody Spetko
Bad Girls Of Bodybuilding 2 - Sc 6 - Chain Link - Melody Spetko
Description: Gorgeous Muscle Diva Denise Masino once again proves she’s the ultimate clit “size queen." She's a welder whose day finally comes to an end, the tools are put away, the clothes come off, and she plays with her giant erect nipples and her swollen wet pussy. Sparks fly as Denise busts a giant nut! Tight camera close-ups of Denise's big clit makes this a MUST-SEE!
Views: (1274)
Duration: (10:32)      Uploaded: 10/07/14 
Rating: XX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Working Women: Muscles With Attitude - Scene 1 - Denise Masino
Description: Watch beautiful Muscle Diva Denise Masino finger her massive, juicy clit to ecstasy in this XXX American Beauty inspired scene. Her giant (always erect) nipples are a perfect match for her big swollen pussy. Denise makes her bath very inviting, you'll want to join her especially during her earth-shattering climax.
Views: (800)
Duration: (3:59)      Uploaded: 10/07/14 
Rating: XXX      Quality: SD 
Studios: Denise Masino Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Raw 2 - Scene 1 - Denise Masino in Flowers Are Like...Pussy
Description: This scene is a voyeur's delight, it's after hours and Beautiful Denise Masino is in the gym alone stretching and training her amazingly ripped hamstrings - in the nude! "I love the feel of my legs rubbing against my big clit. It gets me so hot!," she says. Seeing Denise's shredded legs and swollen pussy is MUST-SEE viewing!
Views: (1283)
Duration: (9:13)      Uploaded: 10/06/14 
Rating: X      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Xtreme Workout Divas - Sc 6 - Denise Masino
Description: In this hard-core training scene, Beautiful Denise Masino is "Armed and Dangerous" her "guns are pumped, locked and loaded!" In shredded condition, she trains herself through an amazing arm and shoulder workout and then notices her sopping-wet pussy is crying out for attention. She's quick to the rescue as she plays with her famous big clit just for you!
Views: (1360)
Duration: (8:04)      Uploaded: 10/05/14 
Rating: X      Quality: SD 
Studios: Muscle Elegance Productions
Actors: Denise Masino
Xtreme Workout Divas - Sc 1 - Denise Masino Big Clit, Big Bicep Workout
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